Grants and Tax Back

Dublin Plumbing is fully registered and compliant with all the relevant government bodies to ensure that all work we carry out fall within the criteria needed to apply for any grant / tax back which applies.

We have extensive knowledge of what is available to you and will ensure that all the correct steps are followed. For example some work needs to be applied for online BEFORE the work starts, we will work with you to maximise the chance of you receiving the grant and avoiding the pit falls.


The two main grants available are the New Home Renovations Incentive Scheme and also the Better energy Homes Scheme Grant. The question we get asked the most is how much is available so lets get straight to that.

New Home Renovations Incentive Scheme:

The minimum cost must be €5000 (Inc VAT) for which you would get €595 tax back. The tax credit is calculated at a rate of 13.5% of the total cost (Inc VAT) and the maximum cost of project they accept is €34,050 (Inc VAT) of which you would get €4,050 tax back.

Better energy home scheme grant

This grant has a more fixed grant approach rather then %. The grants are shown below:

  • €700 for boiler replacement together with heating controls upgrade (high efficiency boiler >90%)
  • €600 for heating controls upgrade
  • €200 for roof insulation; €300 cavity insulation; €2,400 internal wall insulation; €4,500 external wall insulation.
  • €1200 for solar heating projects
  • €50 for an after works BER assessment

Dublin plumbing will provide you with the necessary forms to claim these grants / tax back schemes and we can help you with any questions you have with filling out the forms.